Surgery #2 date scheduled

The last week has been a bit stressful trying to figure out what I should do.  I had a few sleepless nights.  I had a few visits with my current surgeon.  I also reached out to other surgeons who were willing to take me on.  I said a lot of prayers.  Actually, it wasn't just me.  A lot of prayers were said in my behalf and for my surgeon. I have decided to stay with my current surgeon.  He is a skilled at what he does.  No one knows my ear more than he at this point.  After further studying the CT scans and finding some abnormalities with my ear anatomy (these abnormalities made the coiling to the vestibule likely --normally the 'free path' to the vestibule is not there.  Usually there is more of a division)  My surgeon will still be approaching from the round window but will be using different devices and electrode (slim J by AB) to help ensure he gets to the cochlea.  I wanted the skilled surgeon that had access to the best equipment but after much prayer, I felt it was best to stay with the skilled surgeon with not so best equipment access and it is going to be okay.  I know I will be able to hear again.  I know my dizziness will subside.  There will be damage but I will be able to compensate for it.  I will return to my normal function.

I have been very blessed to know what I know.  I have been very blessed for the wonderful support group I have.  A friend and her family sent me an edible bouquet. An unknown person sent me warm fuzzy socks in the mail.  Another friend gave me tulips, another gave me candles.  Others have brought me dinners, candy, support, text messages.  Every little thing helped and I appreciate it so much!  Thank you all for your support and reaching out.  You have helped me through this difficult time.

My next surgery is scheduled for tomorrow.  I hope that I will be feeling well enough to go home after this time around!