Learning to live with it

It has been two weeks since surgery.  I feel like I have made some good strides on managing my vertigo well.  I feel that I have plateaued, where I am not making progress (either that or it is happening very slowly) on the vertigo so I have decided to try to keep living my life as much as possible.  Doing more housework, taking care of Brynn, go for walks.   When I move my head, everything moves.  Walking is like watching the Blair Witch project but I need push myself, try to help my brain become acclimated and figure out what it needs to do.  As a result, my eyes get tired (trying to focus or read strains them) and I am just tired.  I have learned I absolutely cannot walk with my eyes closed or balance on one foot.  When walking, I do better holding a stroller or something to help with my balance.  But I can do all that I need to do at home as a mother.  I still need a chauffeur to get me around and being in public places is too overstimulating.  At least I can be at home with my kids right now and not have to worry about work.  Just heal and rest.  This body isn't doing much but it sure gets tired fast.  

I have one more week until activation.  I am apprehensive and excited about this day.  May 6th is a special one.  For those of you who are not familiar with activation.   Activation is when I go to the audiologist and there she will turn on the implant.  It is not expected to hear speech right off.  I will have to do therapies and mapping over the next year to help my brain adjust and learn sounds from a new way, from electrical rather than natural vibrations.  A lot of people say it sounds like minnie mouse, darth vader under water, donald duck, or just bells.  I am praying that my experience will be positive and that at the end this will all be worth it.  Right now, I can't believe I made a choice to cut off of my residual hearing in my left ear.  


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