St. George 2016

This is our 3rd annual St. George spring break trip.  We were supposed to be taking our new Pilot but it wasn't ready so the dealer gave us a loaner.  Lets rack up those miles!
Time for a ROAD TRIP!

Addie's birthday breakfast at Aunt Doris and Uncle Rick's house

On the road again!

She turned 9!  This girl is amazing!  I love how thoughtful and helpful she is.  She really tries to do the right thing and finds it rewarding.

We met up with the Holbrooks in Bountiful and headed to St. George, stopping at Cedar City temple along the way.

We made it!

The first thing and only thing all the kids wanted to do...

My man at the grill

Happy Birthday Addie!  We love you!!!

Day 2
Went to Zion's National Park, but apparently a lot of people had the same idea.   It was still fun and good hike for the kids.

Day 3
We went to Gunlock Reservoir, in anticipation of waterfalls and warm weather, something like this:

 we were wrong on both accounts.  

It has dried up significantly and it wasn't warm.

Home of Jacob Hamblin
The missionaries shared a very interesting story about Jacob.  He was a missionary, pioneer, and a diplomat with the Native Americans.  He always wore a red handkerchief and the Native Americans knew him as the tall man with the red handkerchief.  Jacob is also in the National Cowboy Hall of Fame.

 Johnson Farm Dinosaur Museum
In 2000, local optometrist Dr. Sheldon Johnson was leveling a hill on his property in St. George, Utah. As he removed layers of sedimentary rock, he encountered a thick level of sandstone. As he tore it up in large blocks, a fantastic object was revealed - a three-dimensionally preserved dinosaur track. 
You can see a footprint on the right side of the rock

Day 4

For the first time I went inside St. George temple.  I had an interesting experience.  It was so good to be able to be there.

Gabrielle touching the chair that her Great great great grandfather built for the temple.  

We went to the cemetery to see the my great grandfather and great great grandfather's headstone.

We (I) had to get one more hiking trip in.  It was too cold to go swimming so we went hiking up at Red Cliffs.  There was one girl who was not on board with going on a hike.  Can you guess who that is?

Addie was such a trailblazer, that we were able to take a nap before the others got back.

Had a very fun family lunch at Costco

Played at the park.

Had a wonderful day with the family

Goodbye St. George, see you again next year!

10 hour drive home was a bit long but we stopped at Brigham City Temple

Lol! :)


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