Day 6- Temple/MormonBatallion/Beach/Lighthouse

This was a busy day and we weren't going to let the rainy weather stop us.  We started off with going to San Diego temple


The downside to family trips, the bathroom lines!  You would think that kids would be quick, not my girls.  Gabrielle likes to sing songs and takes her pretty time.

Joelle loved playing with the critters, snails and roly-polies

Gabrielle was a little noddy plucking flowers

What are these little girls made of?
  Snips and snails and puppy dog tails.

A few years ago they remodeled the Mormon battalion museum, making it much more interactive and enjoyable for the kids. 

We found some ancestors from both the Garner and the Clegg line that served in the battalion

This is the very first time my girls are seeing the ocean and they all loved it!
Point Loma tide pools had a lot of fun creatures to enjoy

The kids could have spent the entire day here with the waves and watching the critters.  It is so amazing to just be out in the ocean.
Point Loma lighthouse


No matter what time of day it was, this was always there.  Good thing we had frozen music to sing to over and over to keep us sane! :)