Day 5-driving to CA

I do realize at the rate I am going with blogging, it may take a year before I can catch up to the present.  However, it is what it is, at least it is something.  I know all of my readers are anticipating to know what is going on in the Garner family...
In the van again, driving through AZ, NV to California.  We most definitely could tell we were in California by the traffic.

 This "set up" was at a gas station, in the middle of no where.  You push the button and the "man" starts talking gold and rattlesnakes. 

We were so excited to meet up with my parents, Grandma and Grandpa Clegg in Riverside.  We got the grand 5 second tour of their apartment.  Not really anything worth blogging about there.   Lucky for us they were able to join us at a vacation home we rented in orange county.  My sister, Diane and her family and my brother, Scott joined us there as well!  The house had 6 bedrooms, plenty of beds and a pool!  The kids were all very excited, despite the "cool" weather 50-60, they wanted to swim.