Day 2: Angel's Landing

Day 2:   We were wondering if the girls were going to be able to do this hike.  I was so surprised how well they all did!  We stopped and explored the small caves and alcoves along the way.  It was very cool and fun to see.  The trail starts in dirt and then it turns into a paved trail for the rest of the way, until you get to the last part that takes you to Angel's landing (Scout Lookout) This is a good place to stop and rest.  Kristy stayed with the kids and went exploring while Jeff and I went on to Angel's Landing.  This part of the hike is definitely not for kids or one with a fear of heights.  

I thought this picture was a fun one to take, when you look up from this spot you see the picture below.

 After getting to the top of this part, you are at Scout Lookout.  From this point on, they have chains for you to hold and it is steep drop off on both sides.  Jeff and I didn't even think about getting our cameras out on they way up.  It took about 45 minutes to get to the top.

 The views were quite spectactular!  

It is all one way traffic

 Yeaa!  We didn't have to add a number!

I was so excited when the sun came out from behind the clouds!  Hello Sunshine!!!

The famous mile long tunnel.  Apparently someone recently was walking in this tunnel and was killed.  Not very smart, it is pitch black in there.  Back in the day, my Grandma and Grandpa McArthur were driving in this very tunnel when their lights were out.  My grandma was on one side with the window down and her hand out to feel for the wall while my grandpa had his window down as well as he felt for the wall while he was driving!

I was up above top window taking pictures and screaming with the others.  Yes, it echoes.

It was fun!

 I am one of those people that don't go swimming unless it is 90 degrees out.  It was only in the 60's this whole trip but the sun was out and we went swimming anyway.  I think it may have hit 70 on this particular day.  The warmest day. The pool was heated and it made huge difference.  The sun in St. George felt a lot warmer than the Idaho sun.  I know you are thinking, "it is the same sun Jennilynn.."  Maybe so, but it didn't seem to me.


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