Day 1-St. George/Zions/California Trip

This trip turned out to be the best family vacation trip ever!  Granted, we don't usually go on big family trips, unless you count our trips to Utah, we usually stay in the area.  Nothing wrong with that but we were ready to try something different, most importantly for Kristy and I, a place that is WARMER!!  We are like lizards always trying to find a warm spot.

Our first stop was in Eagle Mountain.  My brother, Bob, is building a house on this 5 acre.  Beautiful views!

I was very excited to see red dirt!  It has been a long time!

Look at those canyons!

Before going to St. George, we went to Zions and decided to hike to all three of the emerald pools.

This is the lower pool.  I somehow neglected to take a picture of it.  But there is a little waterfall coming down from the upper pools.  The fun thing about hiking in Zions, there is so much to explore while hiking.  This made it a lot easier for the girls to hike and more enjoyable.

 From the upper pool view.  Sheer rock!  If I knew how to rock climb, and if I was an EXPERT this would be a place to try.  It also reminds me of Princess Bride, the cliffs of insanity!

Attempting to make a beautiful yoga pose


 Love these trees!  So different from what we are used to.

Stopped in at Brick Oven in St. George

Started our late night grocery shopping before heading into Las Palmas resort.  


Lynne said…
What a fun trip! I followed on FB as you went.