December was a bit crazy and it was one month that I don't care to repeat, but we did have some fun highlights.

I took Gabrielle and her friend with me shopping at the mall.  We were at the Gap when I realized the kiddos had disappeared.  I found them in the dressing room trying on accessories.  Looking good!

This was taken on Christmas eve.  Finally, my chance to relax, with everyone on the bed!  We had fun Chrismas eve party at Jeff's brother, Scott's house.  The girls all got BSU pajamas.  They were a little big but at least it will fit them for a couple more years.

Christmas morning was a lot of fun, opening presents and getting surprises.  Santa gave the family a wii U!  Joelle enjoyed getting new boots and things for her horse and doll

Addie really loves the princess, Ariel.  She was also in for a surprise with a new Razor360 bike from Santa (or was it for me?)

She loved her hello kitty airplane!
Gabrielle is into Hello Kitty.  Each morning that week and the week after she was geared up in her hello kitty elbow, knee pads and helmet. 

Taking it for a spin

We loved having daddy home for Christmas!

What santa left behind

It took several attempts to get our family photo right...