Gabrielle's Birthday Day

 Gabrielle had been looking forward to this day for a long time.  Nearly every shopping trip she has talked about what she wanted for her birthday.  The day started with  her choice of breakfast, pancakes.
For every child that turns 4 in the Garner family, Aunt Stephanie and Grandma Garner take the birthday kid to Build A Bear.  Gabrielle knew just what she wanted.  Her sisters kept trying to tell her what to get, but she held her ground.

Princess bear!

Lunch choice: Dino chicken nuggets

Dinner choice: pizza with cupcakes.
A baby! (this one talks, pees and poops)  I really didn't like/want this one but the girls picked it out.  

On the following day we invited both families over to celebrate Gabrielle's birthday.  It was a full house and Gabrielle loved every bit of it!