Halloween Party

I don't even know how it happened.  It all started with Joelle.  She begged with her puppy eyed look.  If you have seen it, you know how hard it is to resist it.  I suddenly had a notepad and was planning a party.  

Joelle and Addie wanted a scary party.  My first thought was, "What?  You don't want to be a princess or a mermaid?"  We all went as vampires, the good kind. 

Pinterest made this a lot easier to plan.  Spiders, pumpkins and ghosts!

The vampire family must have their cupcakes

Here were some of the scary creatures

The zombie and the vampire did a great job with the spook alley.  The kids enjoyed the goblin guts, witches worms, vampire blood and ghosts dust.  They had to go through the snake pit, scary tree, and a cave to the tent of brains.  Also had to help lamb chop find her eyes.

We had a couple of games, donut race and a mummy race.  

Ended the evening with "The Witches" based from a book written by Roald Dahl.  The girls and I read this book last year.  Kind of creepy and graphic, but perfect for Halloween.
I also wanted to point out that the only evening we had open was the night of the BSU vs Nevada game.  Jeff was a really good sport and opted to help us out.  He is such a good dad!