Utah Trip (part I)

Right after the girls started school we went on a Utah vacation.  The girls had been saving up for Lagoon all summer.  Last summer we were going to go but it didn't work out.  This was the girls first year going.  I was surprised how many rides (short) Joelle was able to go on... which was all of them!  She started off on the Spider, Colossal, and Wicked.  I then thought that she probably would get bored with the rest of the kiddie rides having that kind of a start.  But the girls had so much fun. I had a blast riding with them or watching them. We were able to meet up with my sister, Diane's family.  Having cousins around doubled the fun for them.  Addie and Gabrielle were able to still go on some roller coaster rides.  I think Addie was a little bummed not being able to go on some of the ones Joelle went on, but next time we go, she will be able to.   

Jeff took the girls.  If its a ride that spins, and spins and spins.. I am out!  He was out too after this one.

We stood in line for a while to get on this boat ride. Addie and Gabrielle really wanted to go on it.  When it was almost our turn Gabrielle threw a fit and said she didn't want to go.  Of course mom said after all that waiting she was going!  (this was the only ride that we had to wait a while for, weird enough)

This was one ride that Joelle didn't like.  Obviously.

 I love my snugglers!


Ferris Wheel!

We were so lucky to have my sister Diane who didn't mind the spinning rides! 

We went on this ride 3 times.
We will be back!