Some friends invited us to go camping with them up at Redfish.  We were still in the middle of remodeling but decided to go anyway, it is still summer!  So we took our camping trailer and joined them.  I am so glad we went, it is a beautiful, fun place to go to!

We went hiking by Stanley, Gabrielle just fell asleep in my arms.  She was completely out and very heavy.

After the hike we did some fishing at Stanley Lake.  Joelle really loves to fish and had been looking forward to it.

Onto another fishing expedition.  This time, by the hatchery.

Addie enjoys fishing too.

Yes, she caught one!

and she caught one

Gabrielle was excited.  

We ended up catching quite a few, being so close to the hatchery. But definitely a great place to take the kids to.  Gives them more hope for their next fishing expedition.

We went to Redfish Lake several times.  Each time we went it started to get cold.  Due to the fires in the area, it was hazy.

Jeff and the girls braving out the cold.  
I will keep my jacket on and stay on the boat thank you very much.



Tammy Quinn said…
What site what this. It looked like fun. Tammy
Redfish Lake, on the east side I think. It is close to Stanley. It is a very fun beautiful place to go to.