First Day of School 2013

School started early for these girls.  Addie started 1st Grade with Mrs. Frost. Who happened to be  Joelle's 1st grade teacher too.  

Addie has been looking forward to going back to school and having lunch at school this year.  I wish they weren't at school all day!  I miss having them home already. 

Joelle is now in third grade.  Her teacher is Mrs. Borijan.  Joelle is not thrilled about school. She is worried about not doing so well in Math.  She loves reading and art.

How did this happen?!

Guess who cried when I dropped them off?  Gabrielle.  She loves her sisters and wishes she could go to school with them.  I am going to spoil Gabrielle and enjoy having her home for as long as I can.


Camille Rogers said…
They are getting SO BIG! I LOVE their adorable outfits!! Wish I could have seen you guys while you were in Utah!
Heather said…
How do our kids get so big. Hope they all do well in school.