random cell pics

My brother Sam got a bunch of baby chicks this spring.  The girls have a like/scared relationship with them.  I love his yard.

This picture says "Gabrielle" with the boots, shorts, and her "smile"

Could this dog get any more spoiled?  She is just missing her crown and treats.

 Playing around
 Cute cheek to shoulder pose

 Ahhh this was so cute!  My little Padi-wan!

 Jeff and I were able to go out on a date night borrowing this '69 Corvette from a friend of ours.
We attracted a lot of looks.  I definitely went WAHOO!!!!

You never know how the course is going to go with my running/biking crew.  I am still trying to learn patience with this one.

Gasp!  She fell asleep in the cart!!

While I was at work one day I got this video.  Jeff was teaching the girls how to ride!!!

I also got this picture.  Joelle looks terrified yet determined!  I was wishing I was at home watching all of this.

 With the girls just learning how to ride, we were excited to go on our first official bike ride.  We joined another family friend of ours, The Thompsons (member of the 3 girls club)  down the Boise greenbelt.
The path is fun and scenic even, takes you along the boise river the entire way.

We made several stops to play in the river.  We had a great time!