Joelle's Baptism Day

We have spent a lot of time preparing and helping Joelle for her baptism.  We told Joelle it was her choice to decide whether or not she wanted to be baptized.  I was so proud of the choice that she made.  She chose to follow the Savior and become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I had never seen Joelle as happy as she was after her baptism. Beforehand, I told her to pay attention to how she feels during her baptism and her receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost.  This too was extraordinary for me.  To be a mother of this lovely daughter.  To be there with her as she went through one of the most important days of her life.  When she came out of the water, she was smiling, she was so incredibly happy!  She and I hugged each other (she kept hugging me, so sweet!)and Joelle talked about how the water was so so warm and how good she felt.  She kept saying that she was so so happy and wanted to do this over and over again.  I love being her mother and seeing the joy on my daughter's face. Can you just imagine how much the Savior's love and joy is for each of us when we strive to be like Him?  He loves each and all of us so much. 

After the baptism we went out for frozen yogurt.  Check Grandma's blog!


Tina said…
Can't believe you have an 8 year old! Your family looks so cute and happy! She is lucky to have you!