Joelle turns 8

Turning 8 is a big deal at our house.  Of course, I couldn't believe it!  She is 8!  My oldest is 8!  Joelle was super excited for her birthday!
 This is one incredibly happy girl!
 Candle blowing #1, on pancakes.  
This cowgirl is so ready for her ride!!!

 I was able to find someone out in Eagle that did horse riding lesson for birthday parties.  Joelle was only allowed to invite 3 people.  She invited her BFF, Lillia, cousins Kaylie and Mary.
They learned the basics of how to care for the horse and what brushes are used for what.  

 The birthday girl was able to be in the center and commanded the horse around the ring with the wand/whip thingie and she could get it to change directions with the before mentioned thingie.  Name? 
Then she was able to get the horse to come to her in the center.  After petting the horse, the horse knew she was in charge.  The horse then followed Joelle wherever she went in the ring.  Isn't that amazing?
Joelle loved having the horse follow her.

Lillia and Joelle

 Addie and Mary
 Gabrielle initially only wanted to go on if I went on with her.  But the trainer said it was better if she went on by herself.  Gabrielle handled that pretty good!

Candleblowing #2 on a poppyseed muffin
I made sack lunches for the girls, there were no complaints!  (Joelle complained all school year)
Joelle really loved this birthday party.  She loves horses and someday wants to be a horse vet.  I have been thinking about getting her and Addie signed up for horse lessons.  It is really expensive but I am hoping to get something going as soon as I find a good deal close by.

Thank you Grandma Garner for helping us out at the party.

Aunt Stephanie stopped by and gave her flowers

Candle blowing #3, on a cake!

I love that I was able to be a part of her big day!

Pet pals game!

= Best Birthday Ever!