End of school year random stuff

The last week of school was pretty crazy with multiple school projects, events and parties.
Joelle gave an amazing power point presentation on one of her favorite animals, the bottle-nose dolphin.  She had videos in her presentation and took questions at the end...in 2nd grade!   Grandma Clegg was able to come watch.  She was surprised how much these kids could do.  Joelle loved doing the power point so much that when she got home, she put together another one on dogs, the boxer breed.  It was so cute!

Addie's Kindergarten class put on a great program.  Addie knew all of the words and did very well.  She had been looking forward to this day for a long time.  It was nice to have the support from those that came to watch.

Joelle receiving her Citizenship award

 It is tradition on the last day of school to have a whipped cream fight!

After playing in whipped cream we went and played in our own pool.  

Who needs a real pool when we can have this much fun.