Round Up

Back in May we went down to Park Valley, UT for round up.  This time, I was better prepared.

We took our "new" trailer.  It was so nice to be able to turn the heater on a night!  Also makes packing/unpacking/cooking a lot more convenient. I love our trailer!  Let the camping season begin!

Jeff trying to relive his good ol'e days when he jumped bikes and watched RAD.

Gabrielle loves making friends!  She will often go through and list who is her friend, including mom and dad.  "Mommy you are my friend."

Addie loves to help with making food, especially if it is a sweet treat.

Because she can taste test it.

The girls just played and played and rode 4-WHEELERS most of the time.  

I love how beautiful it was out there.  I was itching to run in its beauty.  I got to go for a nice long hard run.  There is something breathtaking (literally!) and enjoyable about it.

We spent nearly an entire day putting up fence posts.  It was hard repetitive work.

Nephew, Cody and Niece, Megan

Waiting for the cows to come.   When they got closer we stood up to veer them into the corral

 This was a sweet looking baby calf (I had refused to brand this one)
this one wasn't as cute.

It was a looonng drive home, and Joelle ended up with heat exhaustion.