Boise Zoo

We started off our Spring Break with Joelle's 2nd Grade class trip to the zoo.  What teacher wants to spend time with her students over break?  Mrs. Bond is an excellent and has been a wonderful teacher for Joelle.
30 degrees, plus wind.  It was cold!!!
 Creative idea, eye level with the ground hogs.

In all the years I have lived here and visited the zoo, this was the first time the red panda was awake and moving.

Gabrielle and the girls enjoyed feeding the goats.  Gabrielle is well known in Joelle's class, since we go volunteer often.  But that has recently changed since Gabrielle threw up in the classroom.  She is no longer allowed (the principal enforced the rule). 
Penguins exhibit is one of Joelle's favorite.
Addie's favorite was not this lion, but the porcupine that I did not get a picture of.

 Joelle's class