Adwen Doris turns 6!

Addie now has to use two hands to show how old she is.
She requested Chocolate Malt O'Meal for breakfast.

She also requested to open just ONE present for breakfast.  I think it was actually Joelle pushing her to ask for it so that she could play with the puppy she picked for her.

The next birthday request was to go to Pojos. 
Milking the cow.  Is this an Idaho thing or do they have this in other places? 

Abort Abort! Gabrielle just got over her fear of being in small swings (we are still working on the bigger ones).  The rocket may have been too much.

This was one of their favorites

We all enjoyed this one

Whoa!!  Hold on tight Joelle, she might go faster!

Guess Addie won't be riding a motorcycle any time soon. 

But mom is a natural!  (I barely beat Addie)

This ride Gabrielle loved!

They cashed in their 300 tickets for candy.
Addie requested Pizza and party with family.  She wanted to invite friends too, but we only allow that on certain ages. 

We had a full house and best of all, Addie had a great birthday!!