Christmas-New Years-Snow

 The LED Christmas lights gave our tree a disco ball feel.

Joelle did a great job in her Christmas program!  

The girls got new dresses!

My family's annual Christmas program

The Garner family Christmas Eve gift exchange.

Addie kept saying that this was the best Christmas EVER!!!

Gabrielle kept opening everyone's presents...gotta watch this one!  Santa bought her a tool set this year.  She loves helping her dad and doing what he does.  Every day she becomes more and more of dad's girl.

Joelle got her horse!   The number one thing on her list to Santa was a horse.  Number two was "horse properdee."  :)  Someday perhaps.  I was surprised how happy she was since she was really set on wanting a horse.

The girls found even more presents from Santa downstairs by the fire place.  

Lounging with the new leapster and candy.

Gabrielle enjoyed her new gifts!

 Dad and the girls playing legos

 All done!  Joelle was pretty proud of her work.
So much that she cried and cried when I put it away a week later.  


Spent the weekend up at the Clegg Cabin with the family.  

Some of us went cross-country skiing, snowshoeing.  It was really pretty!

School was cancelled
That means....Girl Party!

 The girls made a snow cake out of my paint pan.  It was "yummy."  The girls said it was yellow free, no pee!  That was good to know.
We made snow angels.  It was snowing and windy while we were doing this.  Some of them couldn't handle snow getting in their eyes.

like this one...  


Unknown said…
I'm suprised Jennilynn didn't put in a picture of her favorite christmas gift this year. A beautifull oil on black velvet painting.
I loved your posts. I just haven't commented in awhile!
Lynne said…
Love the disco Christmas tree and so jealous about your snow day. I don't think we've ever had a snow day here--so far.