Turkey Bowl 2012

Thanksgiving weekend was very fun.  Before Thanksgiving I had made up a silly bedtime story about a girl who needed to help her family find food for Thanksgiving.  There was this turkey named, Mad Hatter.  He was a very mean turkey.  You can guess how the rest of it went.  The girls thought it was a great story.  On Thanksgiving morning Joelle said, "Mom, I am going to dress like a native american today."  She did it all herself and really pulled it off well.  Addie thought it was a great idea too.  They had made their bow/arrow the day before.  They were on their Mad Hatter hunt.  

  My family has a tradition of playing football on Thanksgiving morning.  Jeff's family like football too, so we ended up combining the families for our game.  It was so much fun.  I love playing.  I am no where close to being skilled, but it is the LOVE of the game right?

Sweet catch by David.

Look at Jeff's nice form.  He was known for his shifty feet and twirling.  I know, twirling is not an appropriate term in football.  What is the manly term for it?

Proof that I caught the ball.

 Some serious tackling...well as far as flag football goes.

Look at my awesome move, tripping Jeff.  I could have been red carded, but that's the other sport. 


The Gatherers said…
Great pictures I think everyone had lots of fun! I think twirling us an official football term