Happy Halloween

As you know, Halloween is not particularly my favorite holiday, but this year it actually went pretty well.  Jeff came back in town just in time to go trick or treating with us.  He has been traveling a lot lately so we were lucky to have him.  The weather warmed up, making it a nice evening.
Addie makes a pretty cute witch.  Her pale skin and black make up makes her look gothic.

 Joelle chose an interesting combination of what she wanted to be this year, but it fits her personality PERFECTLY!  She went as a cowgirl fairy.

 Gabrielle as a care bear.  Love the rainbows!

 We made a stop at the Garners
 and at the Cleggs.  Did a little trick or treating in their neighborhood with cousins
Now we have so much candy!!!  I am thinking about sneaking some out and throwing it in the freezer for Christmas...


Tammy Quinn said…
I haven't thought about freezing candy. I should have encouraged mine to keep on trick-or-treating.