Palisades Creek

After work last week I was able to go on a bike ride.  It was a lot of fun and the scenery was awesome!  I did have a few snags along the way though.  First off, as I went for my first hill the chain came off as I shifted gears.  I put it back on but it came off two more times.  The derailleur needed adjusted but I couldn't fix it at that point.  So I carried on, being more careful on how I shifted.  All was pretty good until I turned around to head back.  Flat front tire, I pumped it up hoping that I could make it back before it went flat again.  Nope, ended up changing the tube, slime was everywhere.  It was a pretty big hole.  After I replaced the tube I got on my way and was almost back at the trail head when my right contact fell out of my eye onto the ground.  I had extra contacts but decided to keep going because it wasn’t that far and my hands had slime all over them from the tube.  I did make it back ok, (no broken collar bone) even though I had no depth perception.  Oh and one other thing that I forgot.  The previous owner of the bike had greased up the seat post.  So, most of the ride it was dropping and twisting as I road.  Even with the issues I still had a good time and hope that I can get back up there again and make it all the way to the lower lake.  It was a good reminder to me to be sure that I carry an extra tube and tools.  You never know.


Sandra Howton said…
It looks amazing, even with all the difficulties!