Backpacking 2012

We started at Clayborne trail head, north of Brundage.  We hiked 17 miles.  Visited 4 lakes.
Yes, a backpacking trip is not complete without seeing one!
Leisle was so excited and fun to take.  I don't know if I would have initiated this idea.  But it ended up being a good one.  Leisle was one of our highlights.
We somehow ended up on the wrong trail, but decided to camp here at Rainbow Lake

There was a water leak in my camelback.  Luckily I had my clothes wrapped so it was just my mummy bag that got wet.  We were able to get it dry in time.

 Doing some fishing... NO BITE!  (seriously, I am thinking of going fishing with my dad next time)
To our surprise, Leisle did get a fish!!  I think it was dead before she got it though.
 Bought a new pair of pants at Cabellas before we left.  Obviously having wardrobe malfunction.

Jeff always manages to find away to toast his bagels
 and slather it thick with cream cheese (this makes me gag)
 The trails were poorly marked and hard to find.  We ended up going off trail for 1/3 of the trip.
Great views along the way!
 dog tired?
 Used lavender oil for my blisters
 Made it to the top of Hard Butte!  This was an old lookout.
 360 degrees of spectactular views!!  Yes it was worth the climb!
I love our beautiful world.  There is so much to explore and see.

Thanks Jeff for enduring another backpacking trip with me!  I love being able to go do this every year.  I planned the trip and he made sure the gear was good and ready.  He also ended up having to repair the fishing line quite a few times.  He had to put up with all of my questions that he had no answers for.   He was dubbed "non wiki jeff" but he did make a few astute observations on the trail so he was also named "bronco rainwater Jeff."  


The Gatherers said…
what a fun trip, liesel is adorable in these pictures!