My Grandma McArthur passed away last month.  There were a series of events that occured before her passing that showed me how our Heavenly Father  has a plan for each of us and he answers our prayers.  We had the privledge of having Grandma home (at my mom's house) a few weeks before she passed.  She came home due to financial reasons.  The facility raised their rates to $7000/month.  Really?  Who can pay for that!?  So my mom remodled her office, to make it user friendly for grandma.  Grandma had to be transferred from bed to chair with a hoyer lift,  a machine that lifts but still requires two people. I would go over there often to help mom with the transfers and what not.  We were able to visit more with grandma, mostly one sided.  She didn't really know who I was and sometimes didn't know who my mom was.  She had dementia.  Grandma had epilepsy since she was little.  She would get up to about 22 seizures a day.  The doctors back then didn't know what caused it so she wasn't allowed to eat sugar and her activities were  restricted.  As she got older she was able to do more things but still she would worry about having seizures out in public.  She wasn't allowed to drive, ever, but she did do as much as she could with grandpa.  They traveled and even came with us to our camping or hiking adventures.  The funeral went really well.  It was good to hear stories about my grandparents and see family I hadn't seen for a long time.  During the services at the church, our family had to go up and sing.  As I was walking up with Gabrielle we passed the closed casket, Gabrielle yelled, "Don't open it, don't open it!"  That got a few laughs and maybe one red face. 
They are together again!  Heavenly Father's plan for each of us is truly planned and miraculous.  There is so much in store for us.  It is up to us to keep the commandments and make right choices.  By so doing we will be truly HAPPY!  At times we may not feel the joy but that joy will come.

My mom and her brother, Dalton.

The lady in the wheelchair is my Grandpa's sister.  She is the last survivor and very with it.  I loved listening to her share stories about my great grandparents.  Red heads come from this line.

The girls and I stayed in Utah.  Jeff had to head home for work. I took them to Oquirrh Temple grounds.  Later I was able to go in and do a session.  It is so beautiful! 

 I took the girls plus my two neices to Kennecott Copper Mine.  The kids seemed to enjoy it but their attention didn't last too long.

 We went to a splash pad in Herriman, somewhere.  I could NOT have gotten around without my navigation system!!  Utah has more than one freeway and highway!  ;)
 We stayed busy while we were in Utah.  The girls had a wondeful time.  It was definitely worth it. 
 Stopped at shoshone falls on the way home (it was a little bit out of the way).  But the girls LOVED seeing the falls and the rainbow!
The girls won't even look at the stranger taking a picture for us.