Independence Day Activities

We started the day off fairly early.  Our ward had a breakfast with a 7:30 fun run.  The kids ran 1 mile, the adults-3 miles.  I thought that my girls would be able to do 1/2 of a mile.  To my surprise, Addie ran the WHOLE entire mile!! 

 Way to go Addie!!!  (Her eyes were swollen from conjunctivitis)
 Here comes Joelle!
 Don't forget Gabrielle!
My runners!
 We really can't leave Jeff out.  He did a great job helping the kids.

Later in the day the girls and I went over to Grandma Clegg's house to do water activities with cousins.
 Grandpa just roared!
 There is nothing like drinking water from the slip 'n' slide

 Grown ups can use the slip 'n slide too.  Way to go sis!
 Okay, I know, look at this retarded facial expression!!  I don't know what I was doing.

 Sister-in-law Denisse
Teaching my nephew a lesson...there is a lot to be learned.

Later in the day the girls and I met up with the Garner crew

 Practicing their diving skills?

 Gabrielle had a fun time swimming with Ayla.

 smores on the grill
 smores IN the grill...and stick on fire

 We played a game of HORSE.  Guess who started this round?  :)  Superman and Banana!

 I am so uncoordinated, so obviously I was out pretty quick.  However, I think I deserve creativity points.
  I also got a lucky clean swoosh with my jumping off the fire hydrant shot, 20 feet away. 

 What are they scared of??
This little spark?