Joelle has had a very busy month with school projects, presentations, an award and her 7th Birthday! 
Joelle's music class put on a performance. 
Joelle had to do an insect presentation.  She picked lady bugs, of course.  Joelle loves playing outside with insects, except for bees and mosquitoes.  She was excited to make a model.  We made it out of clay and paint.  Jeff said she did a great job presenting it (I missed it).

Joelle received a citizenship award

The girl standing next to her is in her first grade class.  Joelle is the smallest in her grade.

After the awards ceremony the girls and I joined Joelle's morning recess. 

Joelle is holding up the slide.  She likes to be a leader.

Joelle's birthday party

 Suzette, Jeff, Stephanie, Greg
 Gabrielle, Kristy, Denisse, Stephanie
Joelle requested donuts and rootbeer floats... sugar high, but just this once ;)

The following entertaining pictures were put on by Scott and Brian:


Lynne said…
Joelle is sooo cute! I love all the pictures of her.
The Gatherers said…
what a big girl Joelle is!