Being Mother's Day, I have been thinking about motherhood and what it means to me.  First, I have to start off by talking by talking about my mother.  I am so lucky to have such a wonderful mom.  As a teenager, being the last daughter/child in the home, I wasn't going to let my mom end her rite of raising child passage end easily.  Unfortunately, I was rebellious, not super rebellious, but I was... argumentative.  I wanted an answer for everything and I wanted...well, my way.  I said a lot of mean things and I regret them.  (Jeff tells me that I had just described Joelle perfectly, lucky KARMA for me, keep in mind, she is only 6 and I was 16)
My mom never once yelled at me. She has so much patience.  She values hard work.  She sacrificed much of her time for each child in my family.  Out of 8 children, 4 were born deaf, and several others had some health problems.  She managed to still help us at school, hospital, and at home. She earned respect from audiologist, by making everyone's earmolds.  She was efficient.  She respects and loves my dad.  She is a peacemaker. She is very loving, and always gives hugs and kisses.  How did she maintain all of those things?   As I reflect upon my own motherhood, it is far from being close to how I want to be, like my mother.  I am working every day, some better than others to do better. 

I love being a mom.  I truly, really do.  Having been through some experiences that made me see how precious our time is on earth to be a mom.  I am blessed.  It is but a small moment.  Knowing that is sad for me, I want to keep my children young forever, I want to hold them, read to them, make them feel special, kiss their owies, and let them know I always love them.  I have not forgotten the chaos, messes, cries, whines, and fights they get into, the frustrations I feel.  It is all part of being a mom.  I love being a mom. 

The first clue motherhood was coming

Gabrielle (Joelle gave Addie her haircut)



Tina said…
Totally love the pictures! Super creative! Whenever I have a hard day or the kids do something crazy, I call my Mom and apologize because I knew I had done the same thing to her. It's all about Perspective! Hope you are doing well and enjoying the start of summer!
The Gatherers said…
Motherhood is such a wonderful blessing, and you are such a wonderful mother!