My brother, Bob and his wife go to her family's ranch every year for branding, this year, it worked out for us to go.  We arrived Friday at noon.

The girls had so much fun playing with the other kids there.  I didn't have to worry about them.  They had their own adventures and places to explore.
A lot of the big trees had fallen over during the winter.

view from the ranch

I loved these big tress

Joelle is not afraid of getting dirty.

There was a LOT of people there!



It got to 35 degrees that night!  It had been a cold windy day too.  At bedtime I was able to find an extension cord and an electric heater (took it from the bathroom).  It made a WORLD of difference!  We had bought an air mattress before this trip but Jeff thought I packed it and I thought he packed it.. no one packed it.  I had to rotate positions to relieve my bony prominences every hour and the girls kept moving... and Joelle gave me quite a big elbow punch, made my mouth bleed.  BUT at least we were warm!

Doesn't she look beautiful waking up?

Clearing the pen

The cattle.  They used 4 wheelers to round them up.  We branded one full grown black angus bull.  He was quite mean and scary!! 

Bob with his cowprod

Jeff maintained the fire for the brands

They had two different systems, for the larger cows, this was more efficient, for the smaller ones, they wrestled them.

My nephew, Brady was quite the wrestler.  Some of the young bulls/steer were really really fiesty, I had to jump over the fence a few times.  I was scared but yet it was fun. 

When they get the cow they 1. Tag ears. 2. Vaccinate  3. If male they get elasticized  4.They get branded.  I had no idea that the males had to undergo such torture.

The branding smells just like cauterized flesh in the operating room.

Jeff attempted to wrestle down a calf and he probably would have been able to if it had been more still.  I mainly watched, hold the vaccinations, guard the gate, and I did help pull the rope with some of the calves.  Hopefully, next year, after some serious training I will promote myself to being a calf wrestler ;)
So question:  How do I train myself without animals to practice on?


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