Biking, learning to ride!

The Eagle Bike Park, is one of the largest public cycling venues in the western United States with over 12 miles of trails and over 300 acres of land.

The trails feature a diverse riding experience for bikers including cross-country, all mountain, 4X (four cross), dual slalom, dirt jumping, Freeride and Downhill styles.

Jeff was initially a little rusty but still managed to do a pretty good jump!

Brian managed to beat out the local competition in the dual slalom!

Another sweet jump by Jeff

The real story:  Okay we weren't quite the aerialist.  However, Jeff and Brian did manage to get at least one wheel off the ground.  This outing was suppose to teach me, Mountain Biking 101.  It was a good experience, a little scary with some downhill tight turns.  I hope to be able to go more often and become more confident.  The above pictures are actual photos from the park though.

 My friend, Katrina, the one who actually helped me.