Big Five!!

My Adwen turned 5 this year.  I remember when she was born (yes, I am going to the birth story).  I opted for a natural birth with her.  It took 12 hours of natural labor for her to come out...the longest labor of my three.  Yes.. natural, notice I keep saying that.  It was hard!   She was a difficult baby at first, didn't eat well and wasn't content.  When she got a little older she wanted to be held, CONSTANTLY!  Fun to look back and see some things never change.  She is a child that wants lots of hugs and always fights to sit on my lap during church.  She is a picky eater.  She has a lot of love to give though.  She constantly keeps me in check by trying to get me to smile when things are not going right.  She is a great helper!  We love Addie!

Birthday breakfast:  doughnuts.  She actually only took one bite.  Picky with the sprinkles.

 This is pretty much the second cake I ever attempted to decorate.  The first cake was for Joelle's first birthday.  It didn't come out well.  For some reason I decided to try again.  This fairy cake was fun to make but it did take a long time.  I had some help from Mom Garner.
 The decor came together really well.  Mom Garner spent a lot of time helping me prepare for Addie's party.  She is a wonderful Grandma!
 3 fairies before the party. 
 All the girls came in their fairy finery.  I put face paint on each of the girls.  We played games and made crowns and they all received a fairy wand.  I couldn't bear to cut the cake after spending the whole day putting it together.  I gave them chocolate cupcakes instead.  Oh, Addie didn't like her cupcake either (she picked it). 


The Gatherers said…
Oh my goodness, I remember whe she was born too! She is just the cutest little girl! Crazy how quickly they grow up.