Abbreviated version of the story: Cut tip of finger off, (can't see in the picture) didn't know if it could be stitched back on.  Went to urgent care who wrapped it up (too tight), spent next 3 days in PAIN and come to find out it was wrapped too tight.  All that reddned area you see is still numb.

 Girls eating like....dogs.  Wherever did they learn that technique?

 The Alpha leader of wee Garner pack

 So sweet and innocent looking.

Bath night, including Liesle (No, they didn't all go in at the same time).


Yikes! Sorry to hear about your finger! I hope it heals quickly now!
The Gatherers said…
oh my goodness your finger! I'm glad you didn't lose it though! Your girls are too adorable! They get more beautiful with every picture! And your dog ofcourse is precious, dogs do seem to have a way of runnung the house don't they.