DoTERRA in my family.

About 3 months ago I was invited to an essential oils class.  I have always wanted to learn more about essential oils but never made the effort to do so until I went to this class.  I was so empowered to see and hear what I could do to help improve my own health and the health of my family. These oils that were shared and presented weren't just any essential oil that you can buy at the dollar store or walmart.  These oils are certified pure therapeutic grade, meaning they are the most pure and potent than any other oils you will find any place else.  DoTERRA gets their oils all over the world.  Frankincense is from Oman.  Lavender from France... Each and every batch is tested.  You will not get an oil that has fillers, synthetics or have other chemicals that were used for pesticides.  For that reason, you may safely use them aromatically, topically, and internally. 

At the molecular level these oils are made up of the same carbon base our bodies are made up of, which makes it so our body recognizes it and knows how to use it.

As you can see, I love these oils.  I started out with just a couple of oils to try to see if it really is what they said it was.  I started to come down with a cold.  I had onguard (which is a blend of cinnamon, clove bud, eucalyptus, wild orange, and rosemary) and melalueca.  I rubbed these oils on my feet and neck/chest.  I also gargled with the onguard.  After the 3rd day, my cold was completely gone, and it never fully came on.  I thought, "nice!"  Soon after the girls got sick, I did the same thing.  It seems to work even better with children.  I then decided to buy the physician kit.  Which contains: Onguard, oregano, deep blue, digestzen, peppermint, lemon, lavender, melaleuca, frankincense, and breathe. Oh and slim & sassy.  I try to keep the oils with me so that I can share them with others.  Sure enough, my nephew was sick at my mom's house, we used the digestzen.  10 minutes later he was feeling better and was able to play.  A friend in my ward had a sick baby with a fever, so we used the peppermint, a few minutes later (60-90 seconds) his temperature was down.  Another friend's daughter had an ear infection, so we used melaleuca with lavender.  Her daughter had instant pain relief.   Eye infection, lavender.  I used the slim and sassy, and lost a couple more pounds in 2 weeks (it was just experimental).  Serenity, another oil blend helps me sleep better at night.   There are many similar stories.  The key is, consistency.  For the most part, to get rid of something, one application a day is not going to be sufficient unless you are doing it as a preventative measure.  It takes frequent applications (this is where the work comes in)!

I decided since I loved the oils and the study/science behind them, AND sharing them!  I would become a representative for the company doTERRA. 

 As a nurse, I feel that there needs to be a balance.  Many of us are too dependant on others for our own health care.  It is important to do our own investigation and when we are prescribed a medication, know what it is you are taking and the risks involved....also knowing what else is available.  There are great doctors out there and doctors that I can't believe that are practicing.  Once I had a bad cold, my throat hurt so bad and I had a fever.  I figured it was strep but needed a script for antibiotics so I just went to a care place down the road.  The doctor came in and propped one foot on the exam table I was sitting on, chewing gum and reeking of cigarettes.  All he did was have someone swab my throat to see if I had strep and left me with a $200 fee.  He didn't even listen to my lung sounds or ask about any other symptoms I had.  Then there is my OB doctor, who I love and trust.   But how is the general population suppose to know if the care they are getting is adequate?  You are the one that knows your body best, so you are then one that should take care of it.  This may include going to a doctor to get an opinion.  But it also includes making your own choice. 

We were put on this earth with everything we needed to survive and heal.  The meaning of doTERRA is "gift of the earth."


The Gatherers said…
I'm starting to love doTERRA too, I LOVE onguard, we use it every time we are sick. I've been using lavender on a little soar on Hayden's cheek for 2 days and it's almost gone, and I've been using a prescription cream on it for about 3 weeks without any luck. Also my mom made up a peaceful child bland for Cooper and it has worked miracles!