The BEST Christmas EVER!

Santa surprised the girls this year with the biggest gift ever, a puppy.  Not just any puppy but a boxer puppy.  The girls got up at 4:30 am to find their dad downstairs (Santa gave him potty duty with the new pup).  We brought the puppy out and boy, the girls were so excited and a little scared at first!  Santa named our puppy Lisele, named after the girl in Sound of Music.  Boxers originate from Germany. 

Jeff pulling a 4:30 wake up call along with puppy duty. 

 Gabrielle loved her Mrs. Potato Head
 Addie enjoyed her stencils and princesses
 Joelle loved the make up she gave Addie for Christmas...
 Most of all we love our new pup!
 She looks so sweet in this picture.   I want to say that as sweet as she looks, she has been a difficult pup to potty train.  I think that living with her 9 other siblings for the first 7 weeks may have something to do with it... being surrounded by that puppy waste.  Not to mention it is already pretty crazy at home as it is.  I hope that she starts doing better soon for my sanity!!


Lynne said…
I see your puppy and want one but then remember the work and don't want one anymore. I'll have to come visit yours--she is adorable.
The Gatherers said…
love the puppy! and your girls are so adorable!