Moving Day

This is move number 9 since we have been married. I am sure our family members are pleading for us to stop, they are tired of helping us move. I am most definitely done with moving! We moved from a nice but too small of a home into an older but bigger home. Our new "old" house needs a lot of work and is challenging with the lack of storage space. But every morning I get to look out our bedroom window and see the beautiful green backyard. This is going to a fun house to personalize and I can't wait!

I got the moving down pretty good with color and letter coded labels that have a detailed description on a spreadsheet.

Found this on my fridge on moving day...can you guess what does not belong? Obviously this is the handiwork of the Garner Men.

Our new "old" house!

Special thanks to all those who came to help us! We appreciate you all!


The Gatherers said…
so fun, I'm sure you're so glad to be in your own house, it will be fun to put your own touches on the place!