"Off we go, into wthe wild blue yonder..."

Getting ready for some noise


Why is it so loud?

The F-15 dropped a "bomb"

Next time bring ear plugs

F-18 Low Speed pass

Waving to the F-18

Alpha Jet

Addie enjoying the afterburners

F-15 Afterburners

Heritage Flight (P-51 and F-15)


Going into the B-17

Shooting down the enemy

Coming out of the B-17



A-6 Intruder

Had to get a pic of the FedEx plane

C-5 Galaxy


Long day in the sun.


I love the pictures of the girls sleeping in the car. I can't believe how HUGE that plane is.
Stephanie said…
That last post was from me...not mom. :O)
Lynne said…
Looks like a Jeff kind of day to me!