Tenting with cousins

We thought we would invite the local Garner cousins over for what my friend calls "tenting." It isn't quite camping but you are in a tent, in the backyard. I thought the name fits it perfectly. When I was little we did this in our backyard and our basement.

The girls love to be with their cousins, they have a lot of them. Growing up I had one girl cousin that was my age, Melissa. She lived far away but we had so much fun when we got together! My girls are lucky to have cousins, the same age, that live close by.

Can't do tenting without the traditional smores

Sticky fingers

I am picky about my smores. They have to be gooey, that includes melted chocolate. Jeff likes his chocolate chunky, not melted.

Sharing scary stories may not have been the best idea but that is what they wanted!

The happy campers! Amazing that the tent even fits in my backyard ;)


Stephanie said…
Looks like fun to me! Did they all make it the whole night outside?
The Gatherers said…
so cute! What a great idea!
I didn't know you did this. I'm with Steph, I want to know how many times they were awake during the night. Did you sleep inside or out? :)