After having Gabrielle I have been more motivated to learn to sew and make bows. I figured, I might as well start learning with 3 girls to raise. I made skirts for the girls last year and they still wear it all the time. In fact, I sometimes wish I had never made them, the girls don't match their clothes very well and it isn't worth the tantrum and chaos that takes place when I try to help them match.

Anyway this summer I decided to make dresses, using a pattern! I got 4 self help sewing books from the library to get through the lingo. I texted pictures with questions to my mother in law. I had to go over to my mom's for assistance. I am obviously not a natural. I started Joelle's dress in June. It was suppose to be her birthday present but I didn't get done with it until August. Then I made Addie's dress, using the same pattern, and it was done in a week!

I haven't made Gabrielle's dress yet.

She loves the camera! She is such a cute blondie!

Addie looks older in this picture!

The second dress was by far much easier and funner to make. Joelle's dress came out good too, just the underskirt came out a bit too long (see top picture)


Lynne said…
So cute!! Can't wait to see Gabrielle's.
The Gatherers said…
These dresses are adorable! you did so great! And your girls are absolutely gorgeous! I love the curly hair, so so cute.
Jennilynn, I am so proud of you! What a great job. You and Diana are amazing!