Addie is a special girl. She is very smart, observant and quick to notice things. Jeff and I say that we can't get away with sneaking food around her. She knows her alphabet, numbers, can write her name and mine. She will be starting preschool this fall. She loves to help me at home. If she is bored she always complains that she is hungry, even if she just ate. She likes broccoli, raw carrots and spinach. She does not like corn or cooked carrots. She loves ice cream!!! She likes to play with her princesses. She loves to play house or build forts with me. She likes to be around Joelle and her friends. Sometimes she plays with Joelle's friends more than Joelle does. A couple months ago we were able to help her stop sucking her thumb. I love my Addie!

Addie's Grandma Garner and Aunt Stephanie took her to Build a Bear for her 4th birthday.

Within a couple of minutes she knew exactly what she wanted!

Gabrielle loves all kinds of dogs!

I just threw this picture in from St. Patricks Day! It was for Jeff, since he was out of town that week.


The Gatherers said…
What a sweet little girl!