Parenting Class

I have learned so much in my parenting classes. I worry about what the future brings for our children. What challenges and trials they will face. One of the topics was entitled "Four Legs of a Table" If there was some miracle drug you could take to save your life, would you take it? If there was a miracle drug that could save your family in these difficult times, would you take it? YES! Heavenly Father has promised us many blessings, that involve protecting our family when we do these things. No matter the trials we face in life, if we keep our four legs stong and secure, then our foundation is built. Our family will be protected.

The four legs are

1. Family and personal scripture study( Daily)

2. family and personal prayer(daily)

3. Regular temple attendance

4. Family Home Evening.(weekly)

I have taken these legs seriously. We have been told repeatedly the importance of doing these simple things. We have been doing most of these things but not consistently.

HOLD TO THE ROD!!!! (0ne of our fhe activities)

The girls holding on in the dark...

Didn't heed to daddy's evil voice

They partook of the neopolitan fruit and it was delicious to the taste

and very desirable.


Stephanie said…
What a great activity!
Sandra Howton said…
That looks like a great FHE activity. Stay strong.
The Gatherers said…
I love this, our bishop recently challenged our family to work on these specific topics aswell. I am so grateful he did because it really does make a huge differance in the dynamics in our home.
You have such a cute family. I am always thanking Heavenly Father for the great parents our grandchildren have!!