Merry Christmas!

We had a wonderful Christmas. I love having Christmas with my children. It wouldn't be Christmas without them.
Joelle was the first to get up early. She came into our room and said she didn't look under the tree. She had covered her eyes and looked at the wall, just in case Santa hadn't come yet. We sent her back to bed. Then Jeff heard Joelle in Gabrielle's room on the monitor telling Addie, "we need to find something bouncy to help Gabrielle out of the crib." This is when Jeff had to force himself out of bed.
Joelle and Addie's favorite gift this year: their fishes, including one catfish. I told Joelle that santa must have thought you said catfish and not cat. ;)
Jeff's favorite gift: his G-shock atomic watch

Gabrielle's favorite present: Zebra
My favorite gift: My family!
My worldly favorite gift: My IPOD TOUCH!!!! Thanks Jeff!
I should have taken a picture of the house after, not that I would have posted it anyway, it took hours and hours and hours of cleaning!