Addie's Surgery

Addie was born with a umbilical hernia we were hoping that it would close on its own but it never did. I was a little concerned because my girls whine a lot, their pain threshold is not very high or even close. I was surprised with Addie. Addie was truly amazing. She was very brave! I talked to her about what was going to happen and she took it all in a stride. The surgeon and anestheologist said that she was so sweet and so good!
I was able to go into the OR with her to help put her under. Addie stayed calm the whole time.


They told me that she would likely wake up crying or angry. However, she didn't. She just sat in my lap while I rocked her. I love that I am her mom and was able to be there for her. To my surprise she didn't complain very much about the pain, what a trooper! I want to tell my sister, Kristy thank you for coming with me and my mom, thank you for watching Gabrielle and picking up Joelle from school (she got sick).


The Gatherers said…
Oh I'm so glad it went well! She really is such a sweet little girl!