Halloween Is OVER!

Glinda the Good Witch

Wicked Witch

Hopefully I don't offend any Halloween lovers (Jimie Jo and others), but I really don't care for Halloween. Mainly just for three reasons

1. Kids staying up late + eating candy = briefly happy but mostly grumpy kids. (Repeated several times)

2. I don't really care for candy (except peanut butter M&M's).

3. Costumes + makeup = debate with Joelle on how things should be put on can be draining.

I am not a complete hater of Halloween by any means. I do love to see the kids get excited and play their character. This year, Halloween being on Sunday, we opted to go trick or treating Saturday night. Unfortunately, there was not a lot of places to go. No one even came trick or treating. Jeff & I made an awesome Bronco pumpkin. We went to some great Halloween parties, trunk or treating and trick or treating.


David and Ayla said…
Hahahaha I love that "debating with Joelle" on how to put the make-up on Hahahah!