Linder Farms

A friend of mine, Holly and her family invited us to go to Linder Farms. They have 2 children, same ages as Joelle and Addie. We had a great time. If you live around here you should definitely go and see for yourself.

Joelle is enjoying the hay ride.

Addie trying to venture her way through the maze.

Addie, Shelby and Joelle getting "tired?"

My 3 little pumpkins!

Playing in the cornbox

Hay Ride -Toby


Spitting image of Goofy.

Joelle picking her pumpkin

Gabrielle licking up her pumpkin.

Addie seems to be admiring Toby!

Joelle and Shelby trying to find the "Perfect" pumpkin


oh that looks fun! i have never been there. we bought tickets for farmstead, but wondering if we should do both.
David and Ayla said…
Fun!! I get to go there for work :) twice!
I loved the pictures!! I think summer really is on the way out.
:( Oh well . . . next here will be here before we know it!