Joelle starts Kindergarten

Joelle has been in Kindergarten for over a month now. Every mom ponders what the first day of school will be like for their first child. I didn't really know how I was going to be. Will I be one who goes running after the bus, crying. Will Joelle be holding on tight to my leg screaming? Or will I be ready to run her out? What really happened was it was just a normal day. No tears. I gave Joelle the option to ride the bus to school or to let me take her. To my surprise she wanted to ride the bus. I really wanted to drive her to school. She said, "no mom, I can just follow the other kids." I said, "well, I have to go to the school anyway for a meeting, so I will just check in on you when I get there." My own daughter didn't even want that. I did it anyway. What I didn't think about is how Addie would feel. As we were leaving the school she cried as reality hit that Joelle would not be coming home with us. That was the saddest part.
I have already seen the impact from public school on my daughter. The other day she threatened Addie to punch her face. She said it over and over, made Addie cry. Hopefully she will be able to understand as we teach her and be able differentiate what is appropriate and OBEY!

Joelle is so small, she can barely climb up to the first step


Lynne said…
She looks adorable in the pictures, ready for her first day. Don't worry about public school. We've talked to Lucas a lot about how different families do things differently and I think he understands pretty well. I'm betting Joelle will as well. Lucas has friends that use Heavenly Father's name in vain and things like that. I think that stuff is going to happen no matter where you send your children to school.
The Gatherers said…
oh my goodness she looks like such a big girl! She's so cute.
She really did look cute. She is going to be going off to college before we know it. Thanks for posting her first day! I would love the pics if you want to bring your camera card to Steve's birthday next Sunday! :)