Backpacking Boulder Lake

We took our annual backpacking trip up at Boulder Lake area. We had nothing else to do while hiking but take pictures and go fishing... We did some backtracking here and there. We hiked about 15 miles total. These pictures got put in the wrong order. So to get the full story read it from bottom up.

We made it back to our van, safe but Jeff sounds more like an old man now. :) We had a great time and more memories! Thanks to Grandma Clegg and Grandma Garner for watching over our little girls!

Because we didn't have a map, we couldn't find the trail to Louie Lake. So we ended back to Boulder. The fishing here was good. We caught three in 30 minutes. Cutthroat trout. They seemed to like the wet flies.

Fishing, but no bite. Gotta love the mirror reflection on these lakes.

Having some fun!

We forgot to bring one most important thing on our hike, a map! What would Dora say? We were trying to get to Rapid Lake but ended up going past it and climbing up to, what we later found out was Vic Lake. We could see Rapid Lake from the summit though. Vic Lake had a lot of lily pads, frogs and even a lily flower! Frogs really do sit on a lily!

Middle of the hike, trail sign.

Leaving Anderson lake, hiking down was much faster.

The downside to this beautiful lake, mosquitoes! They were everywhere! I was trying to cover myself well. I found that it was a necessity to take bug repellent along with toilet paper. Even then, I still had an itchy bum. Ugh!

After the steep switchback climb we made it to Anderson Lake. We had the whole lake to ourselves! The fish were jumping all over the place. Jeff caught an itty bitty!

We were on our way to Anderson Lake, after going through the forest we came out to this meadow. What does it remind you of? It made me think of a handsome sparkly creature ;)

Boulder Lake

When you get closer to upper Boulder Lake, there are numerous little waterfalls along the trail, and mud.

My back pack weighed 30lbs. Jeff was 35lb. Next year we will invest in a lighter tent made for backpacking.

We started at Boulder Meadows Reservoir.


The Gatherers said…
Looks like a lot of fun!
Unknown said…
Looks like a lot of work!
Looks like a lot of fun and work!
Actually, it looks beautiful. :)