This is Jeff, I am guest writing today hope you like it.
So, I'm going on my first real motorcycle ride tomorrow and I need some advice. Riders wave at each other all the time and I want to get some clarification on the "motorcycle wave." Question 1: Who do I wave to? Do people on HD's wave to scooters, do scooters wave to crotchrokets, and what about mopeds? Question 2: How is it performed? Most of the time I see an under hand type gesture? But is that the only way? What about a head nod, or a queen wave? Should a wave be different depending on what you ride? Question 3: Is it safe? Should I really be taking my hand off the handle bars, what would the Star instructor say? Anyway, seeing that I don't have a lot of time before I hit the open road please respond soon so I don't make a fool of myself.


Unknown said…
#1 Anybody that you would like to (I wave to people that wave at me first)
#2 Most people do a under the bars thing (I do this, but on long road trips i do my "own thing")
#3 Yes its safe
This is so typical. We are riding tomorrow and Jeff is concerned about the "wave." I am concerned about the safety of my well being and his...
Stephanie said…
Are you guys renting a motorcycle or buying one????
Renting for free via Brian got a free rental when he bought his bike. Not even close to buying one. -Jeff