A LESSON is a structured period of time where learning is INTENDED to occur. We have all sorts of lessons going on in our household. Whether it is learned or not that remains to be seen.

Lesson #1 Chores

We have been trying to teach our girls how to do their chores. It seems that half of our Saturdays are taken up to get the girls to do their chores which includes cleaning their room, cleaning their bathroom, and picking up their toys from all other rooms in the house. We also may recruit them to other things as we see fit. Is it worth the hassle, the grumps, the time? I am not sure. Does the place really get cleaner? Sometimes.

Joelle loves to use the spray bottle to help clean

Lesson #2, Swimming

Joelle and Addie after swim lessons

Joelle jumping off the diving board!

Joelle finished her level one course. We are actually not sure yet if she can move up to level two yet. She loves her swimming class and she has come a long way.

Lesson #3 Potty

this is where the potty pictures is supposed to be.... (this program won't let me move my pics)
We are teaching our children to wipe their own bottoms. They have a very strong dependency in this area. As seen in the picture, they are stubborn and will just scream, yell, throw fits. I was busy and Addie wouldn't let Dad help her and so she fell asleep on the toilet. They hate the feeling of being slightly wet down there and so no one can get it cleaned up as good as mom. I would appreciate any suggestions on how to get them to do it themselves. We have done the rewards with stickers, candy, and bribery but nothing sticks.

There are many more lessons being taught but it is getting late as I am typing this and I have learned to sleep when the kids are sleeping. So good night!