Independence Day

Independence Day came and went by so fast. I was hoping that maybe on this day the independency would rub off on the girls. Of course that was just wishful thinking. I can't believe we are in the middle of the summer. It has just started getting warm--on some days. We celebrated at Grandma and Grandpa Garner's house. Joelle was so excited for fireworks and she loved it. Addie didn't say much. Turns out she was a little scared of them. Gabrielle liked watching the lights.

Grant, the only boy around here. He certainly is a boy though, loved wearing the helmet all around the yard! Reminds me of another boy I know, JEFF!

the cousins!

Sparkler display for Gabrielle

I love it when my girls wear blue.

Gabrielle has a fascination with tongues right now. If you stick out your tongue she will do it back. However, when I was taking this picture, I didn't realize she was sticking her tongue out. She has already started trying to make silly pics!


JJ:) said…
Yay new family picture in your look amazing!! And yes yours girls look GORGEOUS in blue!!